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Vinyl Homecoming


No Serato, no CDs, no laptop. No need, strictly vinyl kids.

Just call Bay Area native and former Hawai’i resident DJ Zita a cutting edge throwback.

Still an active member of the Sisters In Sound sorority, Zee’s sound has developed from everything groovy and underground into a more polished classic style that covers all spectrums and genres. In recent years she’s added live remixing and scratching to her already authentic and savvy DJ repertoire.

With her infectious flair she currently holds down residencies at Laszlo Bar in the Mission District, 111 Minna and Berkeley’s Shattuck Down Low with Golden Soundscapes DJ in crime Dmadness.

While she thrives on the art, diverse cultures and opportunities in the Bay, the sun, aloha spirit and her sisters will always keep her kama’a-ina. The Bay Area scene may have made her. Hawai’i can take credit for inspiring her.

8/9 ‘Redda Fire’ at the Living Room. 8/11 ‘Sisters In Sound Family’ at Indigo. 8/14 Kingston Town Tuesdays at Fashion 45.

[djzita.com] [myspace.com/djzita]